Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Right then. I'm feeling inspired enough today to start on my own blog and to (hopefully) use it as a diary for my Chartership. Scary, but I'm finally going to do it! I've been skirting around doing it for a while, but have finally decided to take the plunge for quite a few reasons.....

1. I've started a new job with UEL and am feeling newly inspired to actually be a Librarian again. And that's Librarian with a capital L! So not being a librarian who turns up to work and goes home again, but a Librarian who takes part, is up to date with their subject and wants to actively change the way we work.
2. I've just moved to London. It's a big and scary place and I need to make friends! All mine are scattered across the country and to stop my boyfriend being driven up the wall by me, I need to get out from time to time!
3. Being a librarian is feeling very relevant to me personally. This is my profession, but it's also something that I'm doing all the time anyway with the advent of web 2.0. I'm on Facebook, Ning, MySpace, I tag with delicious and have blogs and news via RSS.

So, basically, I'm Chartering. And it'll confuse my Nanny no end when she finds out there are more letters to put after my name (she thinks that my name now ends with BA MA)!

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