Monday, 23 July 2007

Why I'm not posting!!

Well, I am posting, but only a quickie to explain why I'm not posting loads! Basically, 'life' has taken over a bit and I've not had time to really digest anything to the point of being able to comment sensibly about it. I'm moving house this weekend into a flat with my boyfriend and will finally not be in a flat shared with what feels like 10 other people. In other words, I'll have time to sit down and plan and digest and maybe even make some sort of comment about what's going on.

Recent developments though, I've just ordered 'How to Use Web 2.0 in your Library' by Phil Bradley. I seem to have unleashed a monster at work by suggesting using Delicious and starting Business Librarian blog and I now need to catch up with everyone else! I love all the 2.0 applications and the possibilities of engaging with students but I'm in need of further inspiration as to how others have used it and practical ways of putting all my theory into practice. I hope I'm not putting Phil on a pedastal here, but I think this will exceed my expectations!

And what do you know, it's a post!! So I'm sort of posting, aren't I!

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