Thursday, 2 August 2007

Tomorrow and Phil Bradley

It's now official that I get internet access at home again tomorrow! It's been over a year that I've not been able to do ANYTHING at home, but from tomorrow broadband wireless access will be mine, all mine ha ha ha hahahahahahahahaha!!! This also means I'll be able to update the blog a lot more easily and frequently and mayeb even get on with more....stuff that's not to do with chartering but will no doubt get a mention here too.

Now, onto more important things. I've finally started to read Phil Bradley's 'How to use web 2.0 in your library'. I'm already a keen user of several tools like delicious, my professional work blog, RSS feeds, Facebook and I download quite a lot of music (when I can get my hands on a friends connection!) so I was wondering if there was going to be anything really new. However, how wrong can someone be!! I sat down with a cup of tea (thanks Kev!) last night and started. After about 2 pages, I was rummaging through boxes looking for a pencil and sticky notes so I could put reminders in about all the ideas that the book was inspiring. I'm 2 chapters in and am already wondering how I'm going to put a fraction of the ideas into place. I don't have the book with me right now, so can't run through them at this point - but there'll be a special post coming up as soon as I've finished.

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