Friday, 10 April 2015

Camping Plans are also happening

Even though I know I said I wanted a holiday with nothing to do, I still love camping and will hopefully be doing lots this Summer. So far we have planned...

Wellsummer, Lenham
A little overnighter to kick the season off for Pete and I. We've never been before but have heard lovely things about it so can't wait to see if it's as idyllic as promised.

Badgell's Wood, Meopham
Stunning woodland campsite with proper campfires. Although the pitches are quite close together you get the feeling that you're alone on the campsite and only the flickering of other campfires and the occasional murmur of conversation makes aware of other groups. That and when the kids join forces to climb trees and play games. This was our camp last year.

Palace Farm, Doddington
This is the place we visit the most as it's about 15 minutes from home and a small, quiet site. And they allow campfires. See a theme emerging here? Everything is always well looked after, there's loads of space for running around and some really good walks nearby. Plus there's a pub at the bottom of the hill.

Kingsdown International Camping Center
We spent 2 nights here last Summer. It has lovely views of the sea but is quite sheltered. There's a path straight down to the shingle beach which was good for a morning paddle. Within cycling distance of Walmer Castle and Deal town. Last time we walked down and caught the bus back but it seemed to take forever to walk. We also stopped in the Rising Sun pub for tea on the way back and it was thoroughly lovely. Next time we'll try and camp on more level ground, but this would mean being further away from the toilets. Such decisions.

And then there are the ones we haven't been to yet but will hopefully find time to visit at some point this year.
Heron's Park, Lydd
Nethergong Nurseries, Canterbury

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