Thursday, 9 April 2015

I've been planning some holidays...

In the normal scheme of things, we plan holidays pretty much last minute and nothing huge. Things have changed. I have holidays planned up until 2020 and the big ones are very different to the ones we've done as a family before. And they are....

Disney World Florida, Christmas 2015 
Mediterranean Cruise, August 2016
France, Summer 2017
New England road trip, Summer 2018
France / Netherlands, Summer 2019
Florida, Easter / Summer 2020 

Yesterday I went and bought a lovely new notebook from Paperchase. I love a bit of new stationary and this was the perfect excuse. It's all divided up into the various trips so I can make notes about places to visit, costs of villas, car hire, cabins and most importantly to make notes so that I can report back here.

A bit of background to the trips and why all of a sudden there's so many planned.

Disney World 
My MIL Jennifer is celebrating her 70th birthday this year and that means a big celebration. We all like a bit of Disney and as she has four grandchildren (and some of us are big kids too) she thought that Disney Land Paris would be a good bet. Now, her birthday is in December and Paris at this time of year is a bit nippy. So we had a look around for some all inclusive winter sun holidays. They're quite pricey. 
So just on the off chance (and at the suggestion of Derek) we had a little look at the prices for DisneyWorld. And they were high, but not much higher than an all inclusive resort. And that's how 11 people are heading to DisneyWorld in Florida for Christmas 2015. 

Mediterranean Cruise, August 2016
On the back of all the planning for Disney it struck me that if we start planning our holidays a little bit further ahead then maybe we could have some bigger holidays. I love going camping in Europe, but it's not really a restful holiday. What I really wanted was an all inclusive holiday where I didn't have to think about every detail, we could have some proper down time and there was still loads of interesting things to see and do. What better than a Med cruise. 
After a little bit of research I found a cruise on Carnival Vista that was in our budget for next year. I dropped a lot of not so subtle hints to Graham, painting a wonderful picture of life on board, G&Ts on deck, watching the sunset after a delicious meal. The boys in the kids club. Rest, sun and Italy. What more could he want? 
He caved. I booked. We'll be cruising the Mediterranean next August for 8 days on the brand new Carnival Vista. 

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